You Can Change

While reading the second part of third chapter last week I was very frustrated with the author! He makes me want to scream with the riddle of law and grace.

Never in reading a book have I ever wanted to throttle the author.
Then it happened! No I did not throttle the author the next riddle happened today… Faith and doubt! Oh boy! Do I ever have a can of worms there!
Let me tell you super preachers something right now dont discounting  someone’s faith cuz they got a few doubts…thats a bunch a hooey and how dare you question someones faith when youre hoping theres enough funds to get you paid the next months!

I was talking on the phone when I realized how low I really did feel and trying to think how i could get this person proactive on their own behalf.
Suddenly, I realized what was wrong. I was letting them draw the box and by the parameters of this box they drew well you’d be lucky if lightning could hit it!

But yet thats what  I have done even though I knew I couldnt make the parameters I have been letting others decide in some cases asking them maybe. This where the point drives home…remove the darn box God is for me and He will not moved by someone making lines and marks of parameters. So you tell others from now on God doesnt work in their box. After all some of the great men of faith didnt get their faith without struggling with a few doubts….so quit preaching that hooey! You have no idea what some have walked through to get to the point of faith they have today.

The law and grace goes in hand with faith in doubt all have fallen short.
But alot like mans laws: Go barreling down the interstate at 90 you may not get tripped up the first or even the fifth time but at some point you are gonna feel like you just threw bad roll at the roullette table eventually as you spend a little while getting the officer to write up your ticket if youre not sitting in a jail cell…

I guess the bottom line of all this is…God is not a respector.of persons but He knows where you are and He will help you through your walk it just may not be the way anyone has it outlined! 

I feel so much better getting that off my chest!

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Change of Heart and Our Behavior

I am now at the first part of the third chapter of the book: You Can Change by Tim Chester

The question is, “How Are You Going To Change?

What goes into a person is not so bad can even be good but what comes out of a person shows his true heart and is sin or wrong against that person in order for real change there must be a heart change.

We can make the lists and do rituals but change doesnt come until we see the true damage of our heart. Yes the damage is in our heart because what comes out is of the heart. Once the heart is changed which we cannot do by ourselves then true change can happen and its not just our behavior because change of heart becomes away of life.

A way of life.

Jesus said I am the truth,the way, and the life

Be blessed today

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God Asked…Will You Trust Me?

In most of the latest posts I have been describing my reading journey and what it means for me.
I am back to needing some physical healing and trying to get things covered and dealing with state offices has been less than joyful.

So here I am and I am armed with facts of remedies. I am also armed with knowledge of what has not worked.

As I read more on natural remedies, I just felt like God asked; Will you trust me?

As i read on these remedies many gifts in the biblical times were seasonings, fragrances, herbs, and such many of them are healing elements. They were expensive and hey they aren’t cheap today either.

But maybe cheaper than mosr prescriptions and doctor visits and such.
So while I continue to get coverage yes I am going to trust God in both processes.

I’ll have to keep you updated for now its about time to get into my quiet time. Praying for others wishing healing and love for all.

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Proving Ourselves Is This Freedom and True Change?

As I finish the second chapter of this book I have come to some conclusions. First off, no one actually changes without wanting something.
No one believes in our change either until we prove ourselves and even if they are impressed. We only feel good about ourselves for a short while, once we have made changes and thats only as long as others notice.

It is even harder yet when we come against obstacles and we think either we have let God down or God has let us down. Thats not change its to impress and trying out for popularity one more time.

Thats not all I found though. What I have found is each time I can give up the idea of impressing or seeking popularity or approval and really seek God in communion with Him we begin to experience His delight and the change is His gift to us which He began in us.

Sin and self seeking promises much, but often delivers nothing lasting and certainly nothing to delight in but the same emptiness.

Its He Who began a work in me and will perform it His gift for You and I are His delight …love covers a multitude of sin and change begins by delighting in Christ

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We Are The Home of The Holy Spirit

This is still part of my journey in the book :
“You Can Change” by Tim Chester

In this part the author brings home the point of being transformed
comparing it to cleaning your house for guests. Scrubbing the floors, windows, and dusting. Making everything presentable.

He makes the correlation that we dont clean just to come back in to muddy
the floors and mess everything up. Yet, I personally have found even though
God intended the same with us its this transformation where we do fail.
I fail all the time and everything gets muddied up and messy.

But its realizing God’s love for me and His grace and mercy.
His mercies are new every morning but it is my hope however
much it may seem unrealistic that I will grow enough not to just
keep trampling and muddying up the Home of The Holy Spirit.
If anything else I have learned this is only possible by relationship.

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What Does Love Look Like?

Sometimes in the heat of the moment I forget to ask myself this question… What does love look like in this situation?

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This Little Light of Mine…

As I am reflecting over today of the friendships and unconditional love given to me; I cannot help but find gratitude.

The joy inside my heart when those surrounded by do things to help my life be a bit easier. Sometimes when its hard we find it difficult to give praise or find gratitude but inside each of us is a little light.

I remember years ago in primary sunday school class singing this little light of mine oh how simple but, how true. How important it is not to let things or circumstances snuff out our light or joy. Yet even greater than this but to add to the brightness of someone else’s little light.

I must say often I feel like everyone adds to mine. I sometimes ask myself where is my contribution to someone else then someone comes a long to remind me.

This little light of mine, I am gonna let it shine,let it shine.

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